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Jab strengthens virus

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Spread the love. Not the virus.

Leading designer and developer of vaccines, Geert Vanden Bossche, has headed many vaccine projects including ones for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, and Univac. He believes that vaccines are the right weapons in the war against covid-19 but he now has a stark warning for humanity and has put his future on the line to get this message out.

His CV is here.

Jab cannot prevent infection

The vaccines being used now are prophylactic (ie for prevention when the vaccinee is barely or not exposed to the virus) and should not be used in the heat of a pandemic because they do not kill the virus and also prevent our natural immune system from killing the virus.

When used in the presence of an infection in the community, the vaccine can, at best, lessen disease severity but cannot properly prevent infection. Instead, because of high infectious pressure, the virus escapes, mutates and grows even more virulent, jumping from person to person.

Vaccine suppresses immunity

Furthermore, the vaccine antibodies stay permanently in our bodies and suppress our innate non-specific natural immunity which protected us for millennia against viruses and diseases of every kind. Similar to antibiotics which need to be a good match for the bug (otherwise superbugs develop), vaccine antibodies need to be a good match for the current virus. But there have been many mutations from the original relatively weak virus, the virus is continually becoming more resistant and vaccines simply cannot keep up with a virus that takes only 10 hours to mutate.

Do not vaccinate the young

So the vaccination programme must stop immediately, Bossche says, so that natural immunity is not completely destroyed and the virus does not become even more deadly. Elderly, immune-deficient people need protection but the young have their own natural immunity (which grows stronger by contact with covid-19) and it is bad to compromise their natural defences with vaccine antibodies.

Geert Vanden Bossche knows all the benefits and risks of vaccination programmes. He advised from the start that there should be more analysis of natural killer cells (which were eliminating the virus in all kinds of symptomatic people including the elderly) before rushing to create antibody solutions. Because such a leading expert and advocate for vaccines is so passionately warning us to stop vaccinating immediately, I think we should watch this video and listen very carefully to what he is saying.

What can we do now?

  • Spread the love. Spread the video.
  • Take precautions. Don’t get it. Don’t give it.
  • Strengthen immune systems
  • Exercise and eat nutritious food
  • Adjust to the new
  • Appreciate what you have. While alive you can still enjoy every day, develop your appreciation and be truly grateful for every breath and the presents it brings.

(Day 14 of the #100DaysToOffload Series)

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