Adjusting to the new

Who are you?

SpongeBob SquarePants and a big blue round thing
SpongeBob SquarePants is very careful with round things

Things are constantly changing and we’re always having to adjust slightly. The lockdown has been a big change and we’ve had to adjust quite a lot. Are you as happy with with your life now as you were pre-pandemic? You can be. No matter what the circumstances, you can adjust, cope and thrive if you know who you are.

SpongeBob is rectangular so he’s rightfully cautious of round things. Is there something dangerous behind the mysterious door? If he knew it was a safe,for example, he wouldn’t be scared. But he doesn’t know what it is and is imagining it is something weird because it is round. Round things have caused problems for square things before. What if everything inside is also round? That could be really scary and he’d be such an odd one out!

But SpongeBob knows who he is and knows he’s made of sponge and can look round if he wants to. If there are round holes he can adapt and fit into them. He could become the odd one in! Being able to be round or square could make him a star of the show! Maybe…

Spongebob showing off to the ladies

But SpongeBob is still scared because there may be hard spiky things beyond that would seriously damage his health and even shred him and kill him. He’s enjoying his life as it is so he’d prefer to stay put but circumstances and Big Brother have other plans. They tell everyone, You must go through the door!

Taking a deep breath, SpongeBob looks behind him and then notices the bamboo. I don’t need to go through the door just yet, he thinks. So he squeezes through the bamboo and backs away. From a distance he watches others go through the door, some happy, some sad, so he decides he’ll stay low for a while and find out for sure if it’s safe to go through the door.

Spongebob on a Wanted notice
SpongeBob by Stephen Hillenburg. Images via

(Day 13 of the #100DaysToOffload Series)

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