A profound power

Beautiful water flowing over colourful stones, moss and leaves
Take a moment to appreciate the everlasting, seasonal, colourful, transparent, flowing, still, relentlessly beautiful nature of Nature.

If you could be in a constant state of appreciation you’d enjoy your life so much and your troubles would recede so much that you’d want for nothing except to keep feeling that joy. Is it possible to be as appreciative as a puppy, absolutely delighted with every interaction? I’d say it’s definitely worth trying for!

We can all appreciate and feel good

“Life’s too hard, there are so many problems, aches and pains, there’s so much badness in the world, so much injustice, so many lies, so much etc etc” — I hear you and I agree. But I also see the biggest smiles on the faces of the poorest people, whilst powerful billionaires look worried or cruel. We’ve probably all met the emaciated old lady who kindly points out there are many people worse off than herself. So I think we all know that our capacity to appreciate does not depend on wealth, health or material success.

I appreciate the simple things

For me personally, nature brings me so much to appreciate. I am fortunate to have relatively good health and getting outside, walking in the countryside, looking at the clouds and scenery, listening to birds and watching the ever-changing colours always gives me a lift. But not everyone has that appreciation — think litter and vandalism. I remember when out walking with my dad when I was 13, him telling me to take a deep breath and appreciate the view, because this is God’s gift to us and we should never take it for granted. I didn’t really get what he meant at the time but I’ve learned to appreciate the simple things over the years and I’m now very grateful he shared his appreciation with me.

Are there limits to appreciation?

If my capacity to appreciate can grow, then so can yours. I have still a lot of appreciation to learn and lots of things to appreciate and that’s what makes it so wonderful! There’s so much to go at! The more I can appreciate the happier I can be and the lockdown certainly won’t bother me because I’ll always have the profound power of appreciation to turn to whether I am on my own or with other people. There’s always something to appreciate. How wonderful is that! Thank you.

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