100 days to offload

A good challenge

#100 Days To Offload just write
Offload. Share. Discuss. Rant. Express. Just Write!

Fosstodon admin Kevin Quirk set a challenge for people to write 100 posts on their blog in a year. I’ve been very sporadic for years with my posting of comments or articles so this will be a challenge, but I’ll give it a go. Gud One is a blog after all and now that I’ve ventured into social media there’s a better chance that somebody will actually read a post or two.

I thought Fakebook had put me off social media for life but Mastodon has restored some of my faith in humanity. People on there are OK and I’m not swamped with posts and ads I never requested. It’s decentralized, meaning there are servers (called instances) that are all over the world owned by the person/s who set them up to host the posts of communities with particular interests in common. Each instance can communicate with all other instances, so it’s big, but there’s not one corporation stealing your personal details to make money. As far as I know, nobody is stealing your details, except Big G of course with its tentacles everywhere.

So if you’re reading this, thanks, we all need someone to listen to us now and then. If you fancy doing it yourself or would like to see what kinds of things people are writing about, then please visit #100 Days To Offload.

(Day 1, Post 2 of the #100DaysToOffload Series)

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