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Because truth is banned

A million people marched through London on 29 May 2021 and more than a million on 26 June 2021. These are huge rallies that deserve media coverage. The whole country and the whole world need to know the truth about the virus/vaccine fraud being perpetrated to create fear so we become easier to control. We all need to know about the PCR tests being used to collect all the genomes in the UK. The genome industry is already huge — the top ten genome sequencing companies alone had a value of over £635,000,000,000 in 2020. And now in 2021, while it is disaster for so many of us, it is bonanza time for private genome companies who can now access vast amounts of high quality genome data — your data, your personal genome, without your consent (but you probably unknowingly ticked a box when you had a test or got a jab).

Millions of people want to keep their liberty and are protesting against a huge government fraud. But the BBC and mainstream media are only reporting what the government tells them — they have become government propaganda channels and no longer stand up for truth and democracy.

Please ask these questions:

  • Why are huge rallies being hidden from the news?
  • Why is there such a strong push to vaccinate everyone?
  • Why are children included in the jab push?
  • Why are adverse reactions not being reported or investigated?
  • Where exactly are your test samples being sent?
  • Why has early treatment never been considered or recommended?
  • Why has effective prevention with vitamins and zinc never been widely pushed?

You will discover that the pandemic was never about the virus but was all about the vaccine. Getting us all tested and jabbed has been their aim all along. Please follow the links for independent impartial scientific evidence that is not a conspiracy theory that the government wants to label it as.

21 second video aerial view (June 26)

2 minute video with song (June 26)

90 second aerial view (May 29) not broadcast

(These videos were on and I have republished them to spread the message. Please do likewise.)
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