A fascinating story

Ivermectin was first discovered and used by Dr Omura in 1970 and Merck licensed it in 1980 for the treatment of river blindness. It was on the WHOs list of essential medicines. In 1996 the patent expired and it was used millions of times worldwide as an anti-parasitic. Ivermectin is very cheap and has no important side effects. In 2015, Dr Omura received the Nobel prize for medicine for his contributions.

The search for an anti-viral for covid

In April 2020, the search was on for an existing safe drug that might be used as an anti-viral to treat covid-19, and one paper was published showing Ivermectin gave a 5000-fold reduction in viral levels without any toxicity. At the same time other studies showed countries using prophylactic drugs including Ivermectin had far fewer covid deaths than countries who did not advise any preventive or early treatment procedures.

Using Ivermectin

In June 2020, Dr Rajter in Miami treated 100s of patients with Ivermectin and all recovered. He testified before a Senate committee. At the same time in an Ontario hospital, covid swept through the hospital infecting all staff and patients except for a whole floor of scabies patients who had been given Ivermectin. Staff on the same floor got covid but no Ivermectin patients were infected.

Why keep quiet?

With many independent scientific studies proving the efficacy of Ivermectin as an anti-viral agent, common sense would tell you that in the midst of a pandemic, Ivermectin should at least be advised as a possible treatment for covid patients. But this has never happened in advanced economies. Why?

Watch this interesting and insightful 25-minute documentary to learn the fascinating story of Ivermectin.

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