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When symptoms appear, there is no covid-specific treatment in the UK for at least 10 days unless (possibly) you insist on it. This means the virus can get hold and worsen before treatment is given, thus increasing the chances of severe illness and death. What other severe illness do you know where nothing is prescribed for 10 days?

  • The current procedure when symptoms appear
    • The NHS advice is to self-isolate for 10 days. Paracetamol, ibuprofen, honey, rest and staying cool are advised if feeling uncomfortable, coughing or breathless. No treatment specifically for Covid-19 is given or advised.
    • If symptoms worsen and a GP is called, advice may vary depending on the GP.
    • When symptoms are bad, there is hospitalization and Covid-19 treatment is applied.

The 10-day missed opportunity

The 10-day self-isolation period is an opportunity for early treatment to prevent the disease getting worse. There is a far higher risk of complications and death when the disease gets a hold and when patients are admitted to hospital. The number of people entering hospital would be slashed if effective home treatment was applied early. Home-based treatment would also reduce the spread of the virus.

There are proven safe supplements and drugs that are anti-viral and boost the immune system. They are being used successfully in several countries, for example, India and others. Death rates in these countries are much lower than in Five Eyes and Western Europe countries where early intervention is glaringly missing.

Which early treatments?

I summarized in a previous article about effective early home treatment a combination anti-viral therapy approach being used successfully by some doctors around the world. Prophylactic and early stage treatments and doses are outlined in that article plus links to full details and further advice. Please read that article in conjunction with this one for a full understanding. Update: this American Journal Of Medicine article has come to my attention since I wrote this article and goes into even more detail.

Treatment algorithm for COVID-19 illness in ambulatory patients at home in self-quarantine.
Treatment algorithm for COVID-19-like and confirmed COVID-19 illness in ambulatory patients at home in self-quarantine. BMI = body mass index; CKD = chronic kidney disease; CVD = cardiovascular disease; DM = diabetes mellitus; Dz = disease; HCQ = hydroxychloroquine; Mgt = management; O2 = oxygen; Ox = oximetry; Yr = year.

Effective supplements and drugs

Following are some facts about the supplements and drugs advised for early home treatment, along with links to relevant studies. Reading these carefully and calmly should dispel any notions that this is somehow a misinformed, inflammatory or controversial article. I have checked these facts to my satisfaction. If you dispute these facts, please check them for yourself.

Over-the-counter vitamins and minerals

Supplements usually take a few days to reach optimum levels. Prevention is better than cure so it would be wise to buy them now and start taking them right away.

Zinc helps the immune system fight off viruses and is important for proper senses of taste and smell. Inside your cells zinc prevents viral replication but is poorly absorbed.

Quercetin is a zinc ionophore that helps absorption and function of zinc inside cell membranes. Quercetin also boosts interferon and blocks viral infection.

Vitamin C works synergistically with quercetin, making them both more efficient. When used in high doses vitamin C is anti-viral. It is also well-known medical knowledge that vitamin C strengthens the immune system.

Vitamin D strengthens the immune system and capsules are like liquid sunshine helping those who don’t get much sunshine and people with darker skins (who don’t get so much of the vitamin from the sun, which stimulates vitamin D production). Studies show vitamin D helps with respiratory diseases like influenza and tuberculosis. Over 80% of covid patients are vitamin D deficient and supplementation studies showed the benefits of high-dose D, whilst a large study recommends Vitamin D supplementation now.

Prescription-only drug treatment

NB: this article is about early treatment and some drugs have got bad press from studies of their effectiveness when used in later stages of treatment. HCQ and IVM are highly effective when used early, are cheap and have many years of safe use as anti-malarial and anti-parasitic drugs, so that’s why so many countries abroad use them in covid treatment.

Hydroxychloroquine is a zinc ionophore more efficient than quercetin. There have been many studies of its effectiveness when combined with azithromycin or doxycycline.

Ivermectin has been extensively studied too and can be used in place of hydroxychloroquine.

Both HCQ and IVM along with AZM or DXY are to be used at Stage 1 of covid (1st to 3rd day of symptoms). Combined together they are potent antivirals. A GP could prescribe them at this early stage and the patient could take the treatment at home with loved ones present for support, along with less risk of catching other infections or spreading covid on the way to hospital.

If it is too late, eg. breathing is very difficult, anti-inflammatory medicines are to be added. If it develops into severe difficulties, anticoagulants should be added. GPs will know all about the patient and the doses of drugs to give, and will be able to judge if and when hospitalization is necessary.


There are many reasons why home-based early treatment will save lives and reduce the rate of infection. Relying on vaccines that have not been thoroughly trialled and tested is seriously short-sighted. Putting all the eggs in one basket has always been a bad idea. We might get away with it, we might not. When there are cheap, safe, effective drugs available that will at least lessen the severity of the disease; when governments say this is an extremely serious situation; when hospitals and their staff are at breaking point and other seriously ill patients are put on hold because of it; then surely advice on early treatment should be publicly broadcast, not hidden from view, and early home-based treatment should be applied asap, in other words immediately, because the drugs and supplements are readily available.

Meanwhile, we can do our bit, take control of our own health and buy the minerals and vitamins ourselves because they don’t cost a fortune. You can also ask your local leaders why early treatment is not on the agenda. Disclaimer: you should discuss early treatment with your doctor, find a better doctor if they don’t agree and check the facts for yourself until you are satisfied. I am not a doctor.

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