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Dr. Ryan Cole shares his undoubted expertise and the actual science behind Covid-19 and Vitamin D in a powerful 30-minute video. He has carried out 100,000 tests and read 6000 articles in the last year so he knows his stuff! I made a few notes and the video is at the end.

A few points about Covid

  • Coronaviruses are seasonal and have a 6 to 9 month cycle
  • Data shows that the pandemic is statistically over
  • The highest risk factors were age, obesity and Vitamin D deficiency
  • Average covid death age = 78.6 = average non-covid death age
  • The virus is fragile and is inactivated by sunshine and ventilation

A few points about Vitamin D

  • There is no such thing as a flu and cold season
  • There is only a low Vitamin D season
  • Vitamin D is the master key to immune health
  • Cannot develop a cytokine storm with adequate Vitamin D (cytokine storm is what kills covid patients)
  • We have an international D deficiency pandemic
  • 70% of the world population is Vitamin D deficient
  • 96% of ICU patients are Vitamin D deficient
  • Deficiency in Vitamin D means immunity is suppressed (immunity from all viruses and diseases, not just covid)
  • Above and below the 35th parallel (aka subtropics) we cannot synthesize Vitamin D from the sun in autumn or winter. We need to supplement

Public health information

Most doctors don’t know much about Vitamin D or about early treatment that would prevent many deaths. The lack of public information about Vitamin D and early treatment has ensured that. The facts and benefits of Vitamin D should be the No 1 public health message around the world right now.

Video link: Dr. Ryan Cole Blows the Whole COVID-19 Propaganda Away

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