Where is your focus?

Within, without or all about?

A blue mandala wall hanging
Some interesting optical illusions if the focus is on this mandala

Everybody loves a good time: we like parties, dancing, music and a laugh. In between, if we read, discuss, research, take to heart, study, feel, practice or bring into our lives some of these, it will definitely do us good and bring more joy into our lives.

In no particular order

Chi, ki, prana, mana, bioplasmic energy, orgon, tachyon energy, universal fluid, telesma, ka, pneuma, echankar, baraka, sahala, fluid of life, universal gur, jesod, mgebe, elima, hasina, wakan, oki, orenda, elan vital, numia, odic power, eleptic energy, psychotronic energy, para-electricity, etheric force, n-rays, motor force, magnale magnum, tellurism, x-power, fifth power, force X, pyramid energy, light, holy spirit, innate intelligence, auric energy, eloptic radiation, psionic energy, Love, Om. (These were originally tooted from the constellation Pleiades )

And we can all call on…

Kindness, care, compassion, understanding, dignity, hope, awareness, consciousness, peace, contentment, choice, clarity, appreciation, inner strength, self-awareness, self-knowledge, consideration, goodness, generosity, honesty, friendship, listening, insight, empathy, humility, integrity, courage, resourcefulness, determination, forgiveness, respect, patience, perseverance, enthusiasm, diligence, warmth, fairness, loyalty, confidence, admiration, passion, trust, gratitude.

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  1. Thanks for keeping it simple, Peter!

  2. (Author)

    Ha ha! Simplicity! You found one I overlooked! There is a special KISS always waiting for me — “Keep it simple, stupid!”

    Thanks for your comment, Tim, much appreciated.

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