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Human kindness is amazing!

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Be kind, improve your world, drive away negativity

An excellent axiom that always makes me feel better and is easy to do is Just for today, I will be kind to all living things. It is also the third Reiki principle, the previous two being Just for today, I will let go of worry and Just for today, I will let go of anger. Being kind, in my experience, makes worry and anger disappear.

I did not grow up in a family that displayed a lot of affection. I don’t remember hugs, cuddles or kisses, so although I feel we were kind to each other, it’s quite possible other families were much kinder. When I went abroad and was treated kindly by strangers it was quite a shock. Some showed such a lot of kindness I felt embarrassed and at a loss of what to do. So I’m writing this article as someone who may have learned a lot but has still a lot to learn.


First of all, I have to remember that I too am a living being, so I should be kind to myself. There’s nothing wrong with loving myself and being kind to myself, it’s not a selfish act. And if I can’t be kind to myself, how am I going to be kind to others? It doesn’t mean spoiling myself with over-indulgence — that is not being kind. But by being sensibly kind to myself, I am more able and prepared to be kind to others.

Basic kindness

Just a friendly smile can sometimes make someone’s day. Some folk are loaded down with troubles. A little kindness never did any harm and can remind a person that human beings still exist. In a city, a friendly smile can be very rare, so start a new trend! Smile at a stranger today! Tomorrow smile at two strangers! Yes, I sometimes get weird looks, but I can have a little chuckle! It’s their problem, not mine.

Basic politeness is also well received and even if I’m not feeling so great, there are usually kind things I can do that will give me a little lift too.

Heartfelt kindness

When I feel warmth and goodness in my heart that’s when performing kind acts really feels great. I often feel like I live in a bubble where negativity cannot enter! I’ve found kindness by going within but also through daily practice of speaking out loud and putting feeling and intention into just for today, I will be kind to all living things — so simple yet so powerful!

When I feel loving kindness, it’s easier to relate to others and have a heart to heart with someone. It’s easier to understand the meaning of be yourself and know yourself — things that are confusing when I’m in my head.

Kindness to all?

Be kind to all living things? Even those who’ve wronged me? Even evil people? Even insects that bite and wasps that sting? Yes, it’s possible, because when you’ve felt loving kindness, you know that everyone (whether they know it or not) wants that same feeling too. Even idiots, bullies or enemies don’t want to miss out on feeling good, feeling cool, feeling content. When we show them kindness and compassion it surprises them and they react to your good agenda rather than making you react to their bad agenda. By using kind words and actions you hold up a mirror to their badness. They see it is they who have a problem, not you.

Loving kindness

There are, of course, those who manipulate your goodness for their own ends, those who display tremendous evil, and with these perhaps all we can do is avoid them and pray. Heartfelt prayer and heartfelt intention to share love are pretty much the same thing, in my humble opinion, and double-blind scientific studies have been carried out that show cardiac patients who were prayed for did better than those who were not prayed for. My own experience of sending an intention of healing to remote persons supports this and many energy and spiritual healers have similar anecdotal evidence.

There are many opportunities to bring kindness into our lives and it always feels good. I’ve still got a lot to learn and it’s such a pleasure to do so. We can all be kind and fill our worlds with kindness. We can even send kind intentions to our enemies. If creepy crawlies (human or otherwise) invade our world, then swat them away. If they are still threatening, we could be cruel to be kind, kill them with kindness, or just get out of there. Be kind to yourself!

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