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I was struggling to write a rather complex reply to Pleiades article about Wetiko when I realised it was very similar to a conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theories explain a situation by alleging secret forces are at work deceiving us and controlling our freedom in some way. There is no real evidence to prove the theory is correct, whereas if compelling evidence can be shown then it is no longer a theory but a conspiracy. For example, there is plenty of evidence that early treatment of covid is very successful and yet the UK government insists that vaccines are the only way out and early treatment (the obvious way doctors have always treated the sick) is glaringly absent from the government and the mainstream media agenda. Hence a conspiracy is at work, it is not a theory.

To me, Wetiko is way of explaining evil by alleging a very clever evil spirit enters those who are weakened by their own self-deception. There is no proof such a spirit exists but it is very easy to imagine one. Most of us have been conditioned to imagine angels and demons, God and the Devil, so, imho, Wetiko is just another variety that has had stories and theories interwoven through and around it to make it seem very real to some people.

Theories’ complexity is attractive to readers, writers and philosophers who thrive on fascinating minor details. The truth, however, is very simple. It is so simple that even slightly complicated minds cannot accept it. They will believe in something beyond but will not accept that Truth (or whatever you may call it) exists and can be known by each one of us while we are alive. Such is the power of conspiracy theories and similar religious, philosophical or scientific theories. They obscure the real truth and deny the Real Truth.

(Day 6 of the #100DaysToOffload Series)

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