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Reclaimed oak and mahogany 4-string through-neck long-scale ebass bass guitar
Reclaimed oak and mahogany 4-string through-neck long-scale ebass bass guitar

A good friend finally decided he needed a website to present his bass guitars to the world or, more specifically, to Lancashire and the UK. And so was born. It’s a great domain name, imho, because it’s short, memorable and did not have a premium price placed on it. And here in East Lancs some of us say ee a lot plus the e in ebass stands for electric amongst other things. So the name was a good start for Gary’s bass project.

It just so happened that when the domain name was acquired I was looking at a font called Colo Pro and so I quickly used it to make a logo like so:

After discussion I changed a few things and it became this:

And now it fits nicely in position like this:

Like a well-played electric bass guitar, it’s distinctive and solid plus it has dots, strong curves and a cutting edge. So it connotes cutting, carving and manufacture as well as a stylish no-fuss attitude.

Gary uses hand tools and a planer and router but no CNC or mass production machinery. Hence to balance the modern uncluttered look of the website, I’ve used a traditional font on the individual bass guitar pages to reflect his hand-made, carefully crafted way of working.

So we were happy with the domain name and logo but have I matched the quality of the basses with the quality of the ebass website ? So far I’ve received good comments but time will tell and there can always be improvements so if you’d like to leave feedback or make suggestions, I’d very much appreciate it.

Update: ebass is now a proud member of the 512kb Club Blue team because the home page is under 512kb. By following best practices and optimizing images, websites can reduce size dramatically and be more user-friendly. Website-builders in the 512KB Club generally build good caring websites and are worth investigating.

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